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Rewards & Commission Automation

for Sales Teams and Brand Ambassadors

Use cases

We Help Businesses Grow by Real-time Rewarding
Sales Reps & Brand Ambassadors

Rewards & Loyalty Program

Reward your B2C & B2B customers for their purchases and other actions.

Commission Engine
for Sales Teams

Calculate sales commissions in-real time based on your CRM data.

MLM Software
for Start-up’s

Start your own MLM business within 10 minutes!

Referral Program
for B2C & B2B

Reward you customers & partners or successful referrals.

Start rewarding


3 Steps to Boost Sales & Grow Your Business

step 1
step 1

Add Sales Reps / Brand Ambassadors to Ignico

Import user database from your CRM, e-Commerce platform or other tools you are using to store users data by simply exporting CSV file and importing it to Ignico.

Start sending users data in real-time by connecting your tools to Ignico via API or enable built-in on-line sign-up form.

step 2
step 2

Configure Rewarding Automation Rules to Motivate & Engage

Configure easily automation rules on how your team or community should be rewarded, based on:

Actions they take (sales, meetings, purchases, signups & others)
Conditions they must fulfil
Goals you set for them

step 3
step 3

Connect Transaction Data Sources & Start Rewarding Your Team/Community!

Connect external data sources (CRM, e-Commerce, Marketing Automation Tools, Blockchain) via API or transport data periodically via CSV import.

Your sales team or community of brand ambassadors starts to get rewarded immediately!

3, 2, 1... let the magic begin

Start 14 day trial

Free 14 day Trial - Cancel at anytime - No Credit Card

Built to Engage & Motivate Your Sales Team

Increase sales by real-time incentives for team performance. Easy setup, robust results.

Ignico provides you with the set of tools that help you start reward or commission programme configuration within minutes based on built-in automation rules, user segmentation & pre-defined rewards. The full list of features:

  • Users Actions
  • Motivation Plans Configurator
  • Rewards Management
  • Referral Links
  • Team/Community Structure Tree
  • Advanced Users Segmentation
  • Rewarding Rules Templates
  • Users & Transactions CSV import
  • API



Pay As You Grow


$69 / mo


+$0.50 per overage action
  • Referral & Loyalty Bonuses
  • Users Segmentation (Tags)
  • Referral Links
  • API
  • Data Imports from CSV
  • Two-factor Authentication


$159 / mo


+$0.25 per overage action

All features from BASIC plus:


  • Multi-Level & Sales Teams Bonuses
  • User Ranks
  • Recurring Bonuses
  • Multilanguage
  • Custom Branding


$399 / mo


+$0.20 per overage action

All features from PLUS and:


  • Custom Bonuses Development
  • Configuration & Setup Help
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Agency pricing

We have a special pricing for cooperation with marketing agencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions. Answered.

What are the ACTIONS that I pay for?

An action is every activity of your user for which you decide to reward him. It could be ie.:  Order, Signup, Download, Booking, Closed Deal etc. (there are multiple action types in Ignico). Actions may have parameters such as value or points. Ignico supports also custom action types you can create yourself to tailor them to your business.


How can I start using Ignico?

You need to set up your account & start 14-day free trial to see if it fits you. Then you can fill in your billing data and start using Ignico based on monthly payment.


Where can I get some technical help on integrating my e-commerce/CRM with Ignico?

The best way to get some help from our developers is to join Ignico Community on Slack. Please also have a look at the documentation to Ignico API. Another way is to use live chat once logged-in (it helps us to identify you as Ignico user).

How can I connect Ignico with my e-Commerce/CRM?

There are multiple options: you can start with a semi-manual form of importing user actions to Ignico based on CSV file import/export or fully automate this process by using our API. Please also check out “Integrations -> Apps and Plugins” section in admin panel. Must-read article: Creating a custom eCommerce integration

Do I need to leave you with my credit card while setting up the trial?

No, we are not requiring credit card details upon trial signups. You can use Ignico or 14 days completely for free without any credit card pre-authorization.

How can I access more bonuses & rewarding rules?

We are still developing new rewarding rules to the configurator and will keep you posted about them. If you have any particular request, please contact us at or use chat icon on the right-bottom corner.